AAP Leader Atishi Claims PM Modi Targeting Arvind Kejriwal Amid ED Raids

Atishi: PM Modi Targeting Kejriwal Because He’s the Only Challenger

Explore AAP leader Atishi’s comments amid Enforcement Directorate (ED) raids on Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders’ residences, alleging political targeting by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and defending Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Key Highlights:

  1. Atishi’s Allegation: Atishi claims PM Modi is targeting Arvind Kejriwal through ED raids, asserting Kejriwal as the only leader capable of challenging Modi.
  2. Raid Details: ED raids target several AAP leaders, including Kejriwal’s personal secretary, as part of a money laundering probe.
  3. Accusations Against Atishi: ED considers legal action against Atishi for alleged deletion of audio clips during the investigation.
  4. ED’s Response: Enforcement Directorate denies Atishi’s allegations, stating no audio recordings were deleted, and accusations are baseless and malicious.
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Key Terms/Phrases:

AAP Leader, Atishi, PM Modi, Arvind Kejriwal, ED Raids, Money Laundering Probe, Political Targeting, Allegations, Defense.

Key Quotes:

  1. “PM Modi knows that if there is one leader who can challenge and raise his voice against him, it is Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.” – Atishi
  2. “Allegations levelled against ED regarding the deletion of CCTV footage of certain accused persons are completely false and malicious.” – ED Officials

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Key Statements:

  1. “Atishi accuses PM Modi of targeting Kejriwal amidst ED raids, asserting Kejriwal’s position as a challenger to Modi’s authority.”
  2. “ED denies Atishi’s allegations, stating no audio recordings were deleted during the investigation.”

Critical Analysis:

This article delves into the political tensions surrounding the ED raids on AAP leaders’ residences, highlighting Atishi’s accusations against PM Modi and ED’s response to allegations of evidence tampering. It provides insights into the ongoing power dynamics between the AAP and the central government, shedding light on the broader political context of the raids.

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