Agartala Prepares for 42nd Book Fair: ICA Department Takes Charge


Agartala: The Information and Cultural Affairs (ICA) department, under the leadership of Director Bimbisar Bhattacharjee, is actively working to ensure the seamless organization of the 42nd Agartala Book Fair. In a strategic move, Bhattacharjee has convened a crucial meeting with office bearers and members of the 58-member Steering Committee. The primary agenda of this meeting, scheduled for tomorrow at 12:00 PM in the Agartala Municipal Corporation’s conference hall, is to delve into the intricate details of the preparations required for the upcoming literary event. 

42nd Agartala Book Fair to begin from Feb 21.

The meeting boasts a distinguished lineup of attendees, featuring key figures such as Dipak Majumder, the Mayor of Agartala, who will serve as the chairman. Additionally, the co-chairman position will be filled by the chairman of Dukli Panchayat Samity. The secretary of the ICA department will assume the role of vice-chairman. Notably, the involvement of influential journalists, including BJP spokespersons Subrata Chakraborty and Nabendu Bhattacharjee, as well as editor-journalists like Subal Kumar De, Arun Nath, Sanjib Deb, Sekhar Datta, Bishwendu Bhattacharjee, and others underscores the collaborative effort to make the book fair a success.Furthermore, the guest list extends beyond political and journalistic circles.

Around 25 eminent personalities, including former VC Arunoday Saha, the assistant high commissioner of Bangladesh, editor Sanit Debroy, and various government officials and distinguished citizens, have been invited to contribute their suggestions and insights at tomorrow’s meeting. This inclusive approach signals the ICA department’s commitment to a comprehensive and successful preparation for the grand event.

Sources indicate that the ICA department is leaving no stone unturned in its efforts to create a foolproof plan, aiming for nothing less than a resounding success for the 42nd Agartala Book Fair. The meeting is poised to be a crucial forum for collaboration, idea exchange, and strategic planning, with the collective goal of making the event a memorable literary celebration.

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