Ajit Pawar Hints at Election Challenge Against Cousin Supriya Sule in NCP vs NCP Battle

Ajit Pawar stated that he plans to nominate a candidate who lacks prior electoral experience but will be backed by individuals possessing extensive expertise.

The ongoing power struggle within the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) took a new turn with Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar hinting at fielding a candidate against his cousin Supriya Sule in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This potential challenge adds another layer of complexity to the already tense relationship between the two factions within the party.

Ajit Pawar, who leads the faction recognized by the Election Commission of India (ECI), made the remarks while addressing a gathering in Baramati, his home turf. He stated that he would be fielding a candidate “who has not contested an election earlier” but would have the backing of experienced individuals. While he did not explicitly name Supriya Sule, his comments were widely interpreted as a veiled threat to her Lok Sabha seat in Baramati.

Ajit Pawar intends to nominate a candidate to run against his cousin, Supriya Sule, in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections

Supriya Sule, daughter of NCP patriarch Sharad Pawar, represents the Baramati constituency in the Lok Sabha and has held the seat since 2009. She belongs to the faction led by her father, which has been locked in a legal battle with Ajit Pawar’s faction for control of the party.

The ECI’s decision to recognize Ajit Pawar’s faction as the official NCP dealt a blow to Sharad Pawar’s leadership and fueled speculation about a potential electoral showdown between the two sides. Ajit Pawar’s latest remarks seem to confirm these concerns, raising questions about the future of the NCP and its impact on Maharashtra’s political landscape.

Reactions and Implications:

Supriya Sule has yet to respond directly to Ajit Pawar’s comments. However, analysts believe that a potential electoral clash between the cousins could have significant consequences for the NCP. It could further deepen the rift within the party, alienate voters, and weaken its position in the upcoming elections.

The development also raises questions about the role of Sharad Pawar, who has remained largely silent on the issue. His stance will be crucial in determining whether the NCP can overcome its internal divisions or face a potential split.

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