Assam State Budget 2024-25 Prioritizes Sattra Development and Pilgrimage Promotion

The recently concluded state budget for the fiscal year 2024-25 in Assam reflects a significant focus on the development of Sattras, which are monastic institutions established during the 16th-century Neo-Vaishnavite reformist movement, and the promotion of pilgrimage. This marks a monumental step towards preserving religious heritage and fostering spiritual tourism, with the state government allocating substantial funds for these purposes. Renowned religious sites, such as the Batadrava Than, received a notable allocation of Rs 240 crore for the preservation of both its internal and external structures.

This marks a historic stride in safeguarding religious heritage and advancing Assam’s tourism sector through a focus on spirituality.

Another revered site, Patbaushi in Barpeta district, holds significance in the Vaishnavite tradition as a sacred meeting ground for eminent saints like Srimanta Sankardev, Sri Sri Madhabdev, Sri Sri Damodardev, and Sri Sri Haridev. Recognizing its importance, the state government disbursed Rs 15 crore for the initial phase of development and expansion of Sri Sri Patbaushi Satra. Additionally, Sri Sri Kamalabari Satra in Titabor was allocated Rs 5 crore for preservation, and Rs 2 crore was dedicated for Srimanta Sankardeva Satra in Barangajuli in Assam’s Udalguri district.

Furthermore, the budget statement highlighted the ongoing Punya Dham scheme, offering pilgrims opportunities to embark on spiritual journeys to revered destinations such as Puri, Vrindavan, and Varanasi. The continuation of this initiative in the current fiscal year reinforces the government’s commitment to spiritual enrichment.

A new initiative, titled “Punya Tirtha Yojana,” was also introduced, pledging to facilitate the pilgrimage of 25,000 devotees to the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya with a generous budgetary provision of Rs 25 crore. This initiative aims to deepen spiritual connections and foster cultural unity, aligning with the broader vision of the Assam government for the upcoming fiscal year, as outlined in the Rs 2.9 lakh crore Budget.

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