Release of Final Electoral Roll for 20th Bijni Assembly Constituency

The final electoral roll for the 20th Bijni Assembly constituency has been officially disclosed by the Election Commission of India, offering a comprehensive overview of the electoral dynamics. According to the released document, Bijni boasts a total of 1,77,607 registered voters, showcasing a balanced gender participation with 88,928 male voters and 88,679 female voters.

The constituency, well-prepared with 220 strategically located polling booths, aims to ensure a seamless and inclusive voting experience for its diverse electorate.

However, a noteworthy detail from the electoral roll highlights the presence of 130 D voters in Bijni.

D voters, a category necessitating special attention and scrutiny, demands meticulous management by electoral authorities to preserve the integrity of the democratic process. In a pivotal meeting held at the Bijni Sub-Divisional Magistrate’s office, crucial discussions took place among key officials and representatives from political parties.

This meeting facilitated constructive dialogue, emphasizing the joint commitment to conducting transparent and impartial elections in the Bijni constituency.

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