Biggest Cow Sanctuary of UP opens in Muzaffarnagar District

In a bid to tackle the stray cattle menace, the Central Government launched a Cow Sanctuary pilot project in Uttar Pradesh.

The Sanctuary which started operating in the Purkazhi Khadar area, spans over 800 bigha and was constructed at the cost of Rs 70 crores. The sanctuary consists of basic amenities like a cremation ground for animals, a biogas plant,

Under the Central Government,s Initiative, more Cow Shelters will be operating in different parts of the country (Picture: Jagran Josh)

Sanjeev Balyan, minister of state for fisheries, animal husbandry, and dairying said, ” It is the biggest Cow sanctuary in the state and will be handed over to the State government. A campaign to capture stray Cows and relocate them to the sanctuary is underway. The facility can accommodate up to 5000 cows, with the potential for expansion if required”. Further he added,” Similar initiatives will be undertaken in other districts facing issues with cattle straying onto roads and in the fields.”

and a fodder storage facility.

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