BJP Announces Bihar Seat Sharing, Pashupati Paras Left Isolated; Chirag Paswan’s Faction Gains Momentum

BJP Announces Bihar Seat Sharing, Pashupati Paras Left Isolated

BJP Chooses Chirag Paswan, Ousts Pashupati Paras Reports indicate that Mr Paras will resign from the Union cabinet, and his legislators have aligned with the INDIA alliance. This alliance was in talks for a partnership with Chirag Paswan just a week ago.

In a significant political move, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has declared its Bihar seat-sharing arrangement, which has left Pashupati Paras, the estranged uncle of Chirag Paswan, politically isolated. Paras, who once held considerable influence within the Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) and secured a position in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cabinet, now finds himself fighting for survival in the tumultuous political landscape of Bihar.

Political Chess: BJP’s Bihar Seat Sharing Leaves Pashupati Paras Isolated, Setting Stage for Paswan Family Showdown.

Sources within the political circles reveal that Paras is set to step down from his position in the Union cabinet, as his legislators have shifted their allegiance to the INDIA alliance. Just a week ago, this alliance was in discussions for a potential collaboration with Chirag Paswan, further indicating Paras’ dwindling political clout.

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Chirag Paswan, who has remained steadfast in his support for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), has been allocated only five out of the six seats he aspired for. Notably, the list includes Hajipur, a constituency previously represented by his late father, Ram Vilas Paswan. The inclusion of Hajipur sets the stage for a potentially gripping electoral showdown between Chirag Paswan and his uncle, Pashupati Paras, who currently holds the seat.

The dynamics of Bihar politics have undergone a significant shift since the last assembly polls, where Chirag Paswan’s faction garnered considerable support, particularly from the Paswan community. This factor appears to have influenced the BJP’s decision to sideline Pashupati Paras in the seat-sharing equation.

Ram Vilas Paswan’s legacy in Hajipur, having secured victory eight times, holds symbolic importance for the Paswan community. The upcoming battle for this seat between nephew and uncle is anticipated to be closely watched, given the familial and political complexities at play.

However, Chirag Paswan’s strained relationship with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar remains a potential stumbling block within the NDA coalition. Kumar has previously attributed his party’s lacklustre performance in the 2020 assembly elections to the Paswan factor, underscoring the underlying tensions within the alliance.

Gyan Vatika Group of Institution, Samastipur, Bihar

Following the split within the LJP orchestrated by Pashupati Paras, Chirag Paswan contested the assembly elections independently, further complicating the political landscape and weakening the JD(U)’s position within the coalition. Many within the JD(U) ranks perceive this move as a calculated manoeuvre by the BJP to consolidate its dominance in Bihar politics at the expense of Nitish Kumar’s leadership.

Since the 2020 elections, attempts at reconciliation between Nitish Kumar and Chirag Paswan have remained elusive, signalling continued rifts within the NDA coalition in Bihar. The evolving political dynamics in the state suggest a turbulent path ahead as key players manoeuvre to secure their positions in the ever-shifting political landscape.

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