Crackdown on Cybercrime: 17 Arrested in Morigaon Overnight Raids

In a robust crackdown on cybercrime, law enforcement authorities in Morigaon executed overnight raids, resulting in the arrest of 17 cyber criminals. The Superintendent of Police (SP) of Morigaon, Samiran Baishya, confirmed the arrests, which were part of an extensive cybercrime operation targeting unsuspecting victims.

The identities of the apprehended individuals involved in the fraudulent scheme, where loans were obtained in the names of foreigners using fake documents, have not been disclosed. This sophisticated cybercrime operation raises concerns about its potential impact on individuals and financial institutions.

SP Samiran Baishya emphasized the proactive stance taken by law enforcement to address the escalating threat posed by cybercriminals, underscoring the need for vigilant measures to curb such activities.

The arrests highlight the growing sophistication of cybercriminal activities and the imperative for law enforcement agencies to stay ahead of these threats.

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