East Jaintia Hills District Implements Stringent Measures to Curb Smuggling and Enhance Security Along Meghalaya-Bangladesh Border

Taking a stand against smuggling and potential security threats, the East Jaintia Hills district administration in Meghalaya has imposed strict restrictions on movement near the international border with Bangladesh.

The District Magistrate, A Baranwal, issued an order on Tuesday outlining various prohibitions aimed at protecting the border and maintaining peace within the district. The directive explicitly prohibits people from crossing the border, preventing illegal entries into Bangladesh or unauthorized access into Indian territory.

The order also targets smuggling activities, including the transportation of cattle, contraband goods, and various everyday items such as betel nuts, dry fish, and cigarettes. These measures are crucial to maintaining border security and curbing illicit activities.

To enhance enforcement, the movement of people on foot or vehicles within 5 kilometers of the border belt is now restricted from 6:00 PM to 5:00 AM. This curfew period aims to tighten control and ensure that the border area remains secure during the specified hours.

The East Jaintia Hills district administration is taking proactive steps to safeguard the region and prevent potential threats. These measures underscore the importance of maintaining border integrity and protecting against illegal activities that could compromise security.

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