Electoral Bond Data Revealed…

Electoral Bond Data Unveiled: A Step Towards Transparency

Electoral Bond Data Unveiled: A Step Towards Transparency

The Election Commission of India (ECI) has taken a significant step towards transparency in political funding by unveiling the electoral bond data on its website. This move follows a directive from the Supreme Court of India, which deemed the previous electoral bond scheme unconstitutional.

After the Supreme Court’s order on February 15 and March 11, 2024, in response to WPC NO.880 of 2017, the State Bank of India (SBI) handed over the electoral bond data to the ECI on March 12. The ECI, in adherence to the apex court’s instructions, promptly published the data on its website on March 14.

Purchaser Name And List of Denomination– Click to View

The electoral bond data, now accessible to the public, sheds light on the transactions made through these controversial financial instruments. The information includes the name of the purchaser, purchase date, denomination, details of the political parties receiving the funds, and the dates and denominations of bonds encashed.

Name of the Political Party And Denomination– Click to view

A variety of entities, ranging from companies like Megha Engineering and Infrastructure, Future Gaming and Hotel Services (Lottery Martin), Sun Pharma, Lakshmi Mittal, and Sula Wine, to DLF Commercial Developers, among others, have been identified as donors through electoral bonds. The disclosed data also reveals that major political parties in India, including the BJP, Congress, AITMC, BRS, AIDMK, TDP, YSR Congress, AAP, SP, and JD(U), have been recipients of these bonds.

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The ECI emphasized its unwavering commitment to transparency and disclosure, echoing its stance throughout the legal proceedings. It reiterated its support for transparency in political funding, a position echoed in the Supreme Court’s order as well.

This unveiling of electoral bond data marks a significant milestone in the journey towards greater transparency in political financing in India. The disclosure of such information not only enhances accountability but also empowers citizens with crucial insights into the financial mechanisms underlying political activities.

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