Farooq Abdullah Questions PM’s “New Kashmir” Comment Amid Article 370 Debate

Farooq Abdullah, the former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, strongly criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent comments on Article 370, challenging the assertion that the scrapping of the constitutional provision led to dynastic rule in the region. Abdullah questioned how progress was achieved if Article 370 was detrimental, highlighting a speech by former Leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad in the Rajya Sabha comparing Gujarat and Jammu and Kashmir’s progress.

During his visit to Srinagar, PM Modi referred to the post-Article 370 era as a “new Jammu and Kashmir” with equal rights and opportunities for all. Farooq Abdullah countered by emphasizing the contradiction between progress and the alleged dynastic rule, citing his own electoral defeat as evidence against such claims.

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Abdullah also raised concerns about the increased cost of education following the abrogation of Article 370, noting that education was free from primary schools to universities before the change. He urged for an impartial assessment of the situation before and after the revocation to understand the impact accurately.

The former Chief Minister expressed skepticism about the claimed benefits of scrapping Article 370, challenging the narrative presented by PM Modi and emphasizing the need for a comprehensive evaluation of the consequences.

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