Gangster-Turned-Politician Mukhtar Ansari Laid to Rest Amidst Chaotic Scenes

Mukhtar Ansari's Death Spurs Suspicions Amid Allegations of Poisoning

Final Farewell to Mukhtar Ansari: A Divisive Figure Remembered Amidst Chaos

The funeral procession of Mukhtar Ansari, a notorious figure in the realms of both crime and politics, drew a large crowd in Mohammadabad, Ghazipur. Ansari, who transitioned from a gangster to a politician, passed away due to cardiac arrest on Thursday night at Banda Medical College. His demise has sparked varied responses, with some mourning the loss of what they perceive as a champion for the downtrodden, while others remember his tainted legacy.

Remembering Mukhtar Ansari: Controversial Figure, Complex Legacy

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Amidst a crowd of supporters, the Samajwadi Party leader Ambika Chaudhary expressed sentiments of loss, stating, “We are here to take part in the funeral. Today, a messiah for the poor is going away.” This sentiment underscores the complex intertwining of Ansari’s reputation as both a criminal and a political figure, with many seeing him as a voice for marginalized communities despite his criminal past.

The burial rituals occurred at the Kali Bagh cemetery in Ghazipur’s Mohammadabad, where Ansari’s son, Umar Ansari, led the proceedings. However, chaos ensued as supporters broke through barricades to enter the cemetery grounds, disrupting the occasion’s solemnity. The scenes of disorder reflect the polarizing nature of Ansari’s legacy, with emotions running high amongst his supporters.

Amongst those present at the funeral was Ansari’s brother, Afzal Ansari, further highlighting the familial ties that defined much of Mukhtar Ansari’s life. Despite his controversial background, Ansari wielded significant influence in Uttar Pradesh politics, which was evident in the turnout at his funeral.

The passing of Mukhtar Ansari marks the end of a chapter in Uttar Pradesh’s political landscape, leaving behind a legacy mired in both admiration and controversy. As the crowds disperse and the dust settles on the chaotic scenes witnessed during his funeral rites, the debate surrounding his legacy will continue, with opinions divided on the true nature of his impact on society.

Source: PTI & ANI

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