India Global Forum Unites Literary Titans Amish Tripathi and Jeffrey Archer

Renowned authors Amish Tripathi and Jeffrey Archer joined forces in a captivating session at the India Global Forum’s Annual Investment Summit ‘NXT10’ on March 6. The discussion delved into the influential realm of storytelling and communication, shedding light on their creative processes and the profound impact of narratives.

Amish Tripathi, celebrated for his bestselling works rooted in Indian mythology, shared insights into his approach, emphasizing a respectful reinterpretation of the deities he portrays. He expressed devotion to the divine figures featured in his writings, refraining from what could be perceived as creative liberties.

Tripathi underscored the instinctual essence of storytelling, describing it as the art of capturing attention. He highlighted the need to read the room and engage with the audience on an instinctive level.

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Jeffrey Archer, acclaimed for bestsellers like ‘Kane and Abel’ and ‘The Clifton Chronicles,’ echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the importance of simplicity in storytelling. He insisted that storytelling should avoid becoming convoluted or overly complicated.

Both authors acknowledged storytelling as a God-given gift and a craft that demands continuous effort. Archer, with over 40 years of writing experience and 30 books to his name, revealed his meticulous process, involving 14 drafts for each book. He stressed that the writing process remains challenging, with increasing expectations from fans, particularly in India.

Archer quoted Indian author RK Narayan to emphasize the significance of authenticity in storytelling. He acknowledged the limitations of his own cultural perspective, highlighting that Tripathi, with his deep understanding and history of Indian culture, could authentically capture its essence.

In essence, the session explored the art and challenges of storytelling, touching upon cultural authenticity, simplicity, and the enduring dedication required in the realm of literature. Tripathi and Archer, both celebrated in their respective genres, provided valuable insights for aspiring writers and enthusiasts alike.

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