India Halts Chinese Ship Heading to Pakistan

In a Suspect of carrying nuclear cargo India Halts a Chinese vessel heading to Pakistan.

Indian security agencies at Mumbai’s Nhava Sheva port have intercepted a ship, the CMA CGM Attila, bound for Pakistan from China. Suspicions arose regarding the ship carrying a ‘dual-use consignment,’ which could potentially contribute to Islamabad’s nuclear and ballistic missile endeavors. Among the items inspected by customs officials and the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) was a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine, originating from an Italian company.

Following assessment by the DRDO, it was determined that the CNC machine could manufacture critical components for Pakistan’s missile development program. Weighing 22,180 kilograms, the consignment was dispatched by Taiyuan Mining Import and Export Co Ltd, intended for Cosmos Engineering in Pakistan. Consequently, the consignment was confiscated under measures aimed at preventing potential proliferation by Pakistan and China.

Port officials raised concerns to Indian defense authorities, prompting an inspection of the substantial cargo, which confirmed their suspicions. The consignment was subsequently seized, underscoring apprehensions that Pakistan could be utilizing China as a channel to procure restricted goods from Europe and the US. This strategy involves obscuring identities to avoid detection.

CNC machines, operated by computers, provide levels of efficiency, consistency, and precision unattainable through manual methods. These machines have been covered under the Wassenaar Arrangement since 1996. This global arms control framework is designed to prevent the spread of equipment capable of serving both civilian and military purposes. India is one of the 42 member nations actively engaged in exchanging information concerning the transfer of conventional weapons as well as dual-use goods and technologies.

Prior to this incident, Indian port authorities have intercepted dual-use military-grade items being shipped from China to Pakistan on multiple occasions. For instance, in February 2020, China attempted to supply an autoclave to Pakistan disguised as an “industrial dryer.” Additionally, Cosmos Engineering, a Pakistani defense supplier, has been under scrutiny since March 12, 2022, when Indian authorities seized a shipment of Italian-made thermoelectric instruments at the Nhava Sheva port.

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