India kickstarts Its General Elections 2024 with First Phase of Voting

India Kickstarts General elections with phase one votings in 102 constituencies

The first phase of the 2024 General Elections in India started with 62% voter turnover.

India witnessed polling in 102 constituencies in the first phase of the General Election 2024. The election will last over a month, with polling in seven phases ending on June 1.

Voting started at 7 in the morning and finished at 6 in the evening. Voting happened in certain states and Union Territories in the first part of the elections. These are Arunachal Pradesh (with two seats), Assam (with five seats), Bihar (with four seats), Chhattisgarh (with one seat), Madhya Pradesh (with six seats), Maharashtra (with five seats), Manipur (with two seats), Meghalaya (with two seats), Mizoram (with one seat), Nagaland (with one seat), Rajasthan (with 12 seats), Sikkim (with one seat), Tamil Nadu (with 39 seats), Tripura (with one seat), Uttar Pradesh (with eight seats), Uttarakhand (with five seats), Andaman and Nicobar Islands (with one seat), Jammu and Kashmir (with one seat), Lakshadweep (with one seat), and Puducherry (with one seat). All 39 seats in Tamil Nadu had voted in this first phase.

Voters waiting to cast their vote in S scorching heat in Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu. (Image credit: Sudharsan Sedouramane)

The Election Commission of India announced in an official statement that the first part of the 2024 General Elections saw many people voting despite the hot weather. They mentioned that the percentage of people voting might increase as they get reports from all polling stations since some places were open until 6 PM.

Tripura, a state in the northeast, had the highest number of people voting, almost reaching 80 percent. Following closely was West Bengal, where over 77 percent of people turned out to vote. However, Bihar had the lowest turnout, with less than 48 percent of people casting their votes.”

Political parties are working harder on their election campaigns. Prime Minister Modi spoke at an event on Saturday in Karnataka’s Bengaluru and Chikkaballapura, which are places getting ready for elections. Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi, a Congress party leader, talked at two rallies in Bihar’s Bhagalpur and Uttar Pradesh’s Amroha.

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The remaining six phases of the elections will happen over the next six weeks, and the results will be announced on June 4. Prime Minister Narendra Modi aims for a remarkable third term in office, aiming to be only the second Prime Minister, after Jawaharlal Nehru, to accomplish this.

“Amazing response in the first phase! Thank you to everyone who voted today. We’re receiving excellent feedback from today’s voting. It’s obvious that people all over India are voting for NDA in large numbers,” Modi tweeted on Friday night.

BJP lawmaker Sudhanshu Trivedi mentioned strong support for PM Modi,  which is evident from the high voter turnout in the first phase.

“At the end of the first phase, one more thing became clear… Rahul Gandhi still hasn’t gathered the courage to file his nomination from Amethi,” he said, also expressing confidence that the BJP will increase its victory margin by winning more seats in the first phase than last time.

Source: Mint

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