Indigenous Engines to be Developed for Arjun Tanks

As German Engines get delayed by Four Years, India is considering developing Indigenous Engines for Arjun Tanks. India’s AVNL unveiled 1500 Tank engines for ArjunMK1A.

Turning a challenge into an opportunity, India is going ahead with an indigenous engine for its new set of Arjun Main Battle Tanks, after a German firm selected for the project expressed its inability to deliver the power plants in time.

The Army has placed an order for 118 Arjun Mk1A tanks worth ₹7523 cr and deliveries are impacted as the engines have not been made available in the required quantities. The tank was to be powered by engines manufactured by a German firm but the company has conveyed that a long timeline of almost four years will be needed for delivery, officials said.

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has now started work on an indigenous option which is likely to be ready for production within three years. The DATRAN 1500 engine – being developed for the Futuristic Main Battle Tank program – is being modified to be fitted onto the new Arjun Tanks. The new engine is being rated to deliver 1500 hp and was first tested for the future tank program last year.

The Arjun Mk1A is a new variant of the Arjun Tank with enhanced firepower, mobility, and survivability. It has 72 additional features over the original Arjun tanks and has multi-layered protection provided and the capacity to fight in all weather conditions.

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