Karnataka Cafe Explosion and IED Blast, Confirms Siddaramaiah

Siddaramaiah confirmed that the Rameshwaram cafe explosion on Friday noon was a bomb blast.

Friday, Karnataka’s Chief Minister Siddaramaiah affirmed that the explosion at Rameshwaram Cafe was triggered by a low-intensity improvised explosive device. This confirmation followed shortly after the blast, which occurred at the renowned cafe in the center of Bengaluru, causing a stir in India’s IT hub. Siddaramaiah clarified that the device had been concealed inside a customer’s bag.

Speaking to reporters in Mysuru, Siddaramaiah stated that in the afternoon, an individual left a bag at the cafe, which subsequently exploded and caused injuries to several people. He mentioned that they are currently scrutinizing the CCTV footage and confirmed it was an explosive blast. However, the perpetrators remain unidentified. Siddaramaiah also informed that the police are present at the scene, and he has requested the home minister to assess the situation.

The chief minister clarified that the blast was not caused by a high explosive but rather by an improvised explosive device. In his initial response following the incident, Siddaramaiah emphasized that there should be no politicization of the event. He pointed out that the last blast in Karnataka occurred in Mangaluru during the tenure of the BJP government.

At least 9 people were injured when the explosion took place in Bengaluru’s Rameshwaram Cafe.

Rameshwaram Cafe In Brookefield, Bengaluru. (Image: The Hindu)

Initially, it was thought to be a cylinder blast since it happened inside a cafe but BJP MP Tejasvi Surya first put out on social media that it was not a cylinder explosion. The founder of the cafe Nagaraj told Tejasvi Surta that the blast was from a bag left by a customer.

When the explosion occurred, many people were inside, confirmed the security guard of the famous cafe. There was a loud sound, followed by a fire causing injuries to the customers. According to reports, the explosion took place when the customers were washing their hands.

Forensic experts promptly arrived at the site and commenced the process of gathering evidence.

The injured were taken to the hospital. There was no report of any fatality yet. None of the injured were in danger.

Following the explosion, the cafe’s floor was strewn with shattered glass and furniture, indicating the severity of the damage. Rameshwaram, a popular establishment, typically sees a bustling crowd during lunch hours. According to reports from news agency ANI, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) will adhere to its Standard Operating Procedure by visiting the explosion site. Karnataka’s Director General of Police (DGP) Alok Mohan stated that they await the forensics report as the investigation progresses. Karnataka’s Home Minister G Parameshwara affirmed that all possible angles will be thoroughly probed. Divya Raghavendra Rao, co-founder and managing director of the cafe chain, recounted being informed about two explosions occurring within a mere 10-second interval.

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