Maharashtra FDA Takes Action Against McDonald’s for Substituting Cheap Vegetable Oil for Cheese

The Maharashtra FDA has alleged McDonald’s of engaging in deceptive practices concerning cheese substitutes in its products. Following this accusation, the FDA has suspended the license of a McDonald’s outlet in Ahmednagar and has required the chain to eliminate the term ‘cheese’ from several items.

The regulatory authority alleges that McDonald’s failed to disclose the use of cheese substitutes, which could mislead customers. The FDA has urged the chain to take corrective measures.

According to FDA claims, McDonald’s did not disclose the use of cheese analogs on food labels or electronic display boards. At least eight items containing cheese analogs were discovered during an inspection in Ahmednagar.

FDA commissioner Abhimanyu Kale informed, “During the inspection, our officers found no mention of cheese analogs anywhere. Items such as ‘cheese nuggets,’ ‘cheesy dip,’ and ‘cheeseburger’ were labeled as such without indicating that the cheese was a substitute,” he said. “It’s possible that other fast-food pizza and burger chains are also engaging in similar practices. We intend to investigate these chains as well.”

Despite McDonald’s challenging the action, the outlet’s license was suspended. McDonald’s has refuted the use of substitutes and assured customers that only real cheese is used. A spokesperson quoted by TOI stated, “we want to reassure customers that we use only real, quality cheese in all our products.”

Westlife Foodworld, which manages McDonald’s franchises across 62 cities in southern and western India, mentioned that it is awaiting final clarification from authorities.

“We have consistently adhered to strict food standards and are fully compliant with all relevant food laws. Our commitment to ingredient transparency and dedication to providing delicious, high-quality meals to our customers remains steadfast,” the company said.

Shares of Westlife Foodworld closed down by over 2 percent, while the benchmark indices ended the day with a negative bias.

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