Maharastra Government’s Mid-Day Meal Amendment

According to the new amendment made by the state Government of Maharashtra, no Eggs if 40% of students vote against it.

The Amendment gives Rights to students to vote for the Egg policy in Mid-Day meals.

Mumbai: Less than three months after including eggs in the school mid-day meals, the Maharashtra government has taken them off the menu for certain schools. According to a new government resolution issued on Wednesday, no students will get eggs only if 40% of the parents at a school don’t consent to have their kids eat them. The schools that get their meals from Akshay Patra and Annamrita Foundation, charities affiliated with the International Society for Krishan Consciousness (ISKCON), will also be denied eggs. These schools will instead be provided with bananas or other fruits.

The conditions come after some religious groups objected to the decision for ‘hurting the religious sentiments’. Some of the students from vegetarian households might end up eating eggs in schools, they had argued. The eggs were added to the school meals for the first time in the state in November last year to make the food more nutritional and appetizing. It was decided that students at government-run and aided students would get an egg a week, either boiled or as part of other preparations such as rice pulao or rice biryani, while vegetarian students and those who don’t want the eggs would be served fruits.

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