Mahira Khan has released a statement in response to circulating reports regarding her pregnancy and departure from a Netflix project

A Reddit post also alleged that Mahira Khan has withdrawn from the Netflix series “Jo Bachey Sang Samait Lo” and another unnamed film.

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan has responded to multiple reports suggesting she is expecting a child. In an interview with The Express Tribune, Mahira dismissed these rumours, which arose following a now-deleted Reddit post alleging her pregnancy and departure from the Netflix series “Jo Bachey Sang Samait Lo” and another unnamed film.

Addressing the speculation, Mahira stated, “It’s not true that I’m pregnant. And I haven’t left the Netflix series.” According to India Today, the Reddit post claimed, “So, I got this news from a close source that she opted out of the esteemed Netflix project alongside a big film as she’s expecting her second child somewhere in August or September.”

The post further speculated, “An announcement could be made soon or not if she chooses to announce it after birth but as she’s a big celeb and can’t keep it lowkey for long, I feel that she will announce.” Earlier this year, Mahira married her longtime partner, Salim Karim, after her previous marriage to Ali Askari in 2007, which resulted in the birth of their son in 2009. The couple separated in 2015.

Reflecting on her journey, Mahira shared a heartfelt Instagram post, expressing gratitude for the experiences of motherhood, acting, love, and loss. She thanked her supporters for standing by her and promised to pay it forward in any way possible.

Mahira’s notable projects include Pakistani films and dramas such as “Bol,” “Bin Roye,” and “Manto.” She gained international recognition for her role opposite Shah Rukh Khan in “Raees” (2017) and her performance in the highly successful series “Humsafar,” co-starring Fawad Khan.

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