Major Assam Jail Breach, Phones and Spy Cams In Amritpal Singh’s Cell

The police reported that a spy camera, a smartphone, a keypad phone, pen drives, Bluetooth headphones, and various other items were found in the cell.

Guwahati: A significant security breach was reported at Dibrugarh Central Jail in Assam, where the separatist leader and “Waris Punjab De” chief Amritpal Singh, along with his nine associates, are currently held. Today, a variety of items including a spy camera, a smartphone, a keypad phone, pen drives, Bluetooth headphones and speakers, a smartwatch, and other miscellaneous items were discovered in the cell where the separatist leader and his associates were housed.

Speaking to X, Assam’s top police official, GP Singh, stated, “Regarding NSA detainees at Dibrugarh Jail, Assam – Upon receiving information about unauthorized activities occurring in the NSA cell, additional CCTV cameras were installed in the public area of the NSA Block. Subsequent inputs confirmed unauthorized activities, prompting a search of the NSA Cell premises early this morning by jail staff. This led to the discovery of a smartphone with a SIM card, a keypad phone, a TV remote with a keyboard, a spy-camera pen, pen drives, Bluetooth headphones and speakers, and a smartwatch, all of which were lawfully confiscated by the jail staff. The source of these unauthorized items and the method of their introduction are currently under investigation. Further legal action is being pursued, along with measures to prevent such incidents from recurring.”

On April 23, 2023, Amritpal Singh was brought to the Dibrugarh Central Jail after the Punjab Police arrested him from the state’s Moga district after several weeks of manhunt.

The radical Sikh preacher was charged under the stringent National Security Act, or NSA. His nine associates have also been charged under the NSA.

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