Mass Shooting at US Super Bowl Parade, 1 Killed 21 Injured

The Super Bowl victory rally for the Kansas City Chiefs took a devastating turn as a mass shooting unfolded, resulting in one fatality and twenty-one injuries, including numerous children. The incident sparked widespread panic among the large gathering of supporters.

Reports indicate that twelve individuals, including children up to the age of seventeen, were admitted to Kansas City’s Children’s Mercy Hospital, with nine of them being treated for gunshot wounds. The shooting occurred shortly after Chiefs players had addressed the enthusiastic crowd nearby.

According to the authorities, three individuals have been arrested in connection with the shooting, though the motives and circumstances surrounding the incident are still under investigation.

During a press conference, Ross Grundyson, the chief of the Kansas City Fire Department, revealed that many of the victims had suffered “life-threatening injuries.”

Grundyson stated, “We had eight patients with immediately life-threatening conditions, seven with injuries considered life-threatening, and six with minor injuries.”

Police responded to the Incident. There have been at least 627 mass shootings in the US in the year 2023. (Image CNN)

Following the sound of gunfire, shocked attendees at Union Station scrambled to escape to safety while law enforcement worked to clear the area, marking a tragic conclusion to what had initially been a celebratory morning honoring the NFL champions.

Paul Contreras, who attended the rally with his three daughters, recounted his experience of tackling and disarming one of the suspected shooters before the arrival of the police.

“I approached him from the right angle and tackled him from behind. This action caused the gun to either slip out of his hand or out of his sleeve,” Contreras explained on CNN. “I took him down and applied all my body weight to restrain him. Another bystander came over to assist me.”

Victims were attended to while lying on the ground before being transported away on stretchers as crowds hurried past.

Expressing her frustration, Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves stated, “I’m angered by what occurred today. Attendees of this celebration should have anticipated a safe environment.”

Among the dignitaries at the event was Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas, who, along with others, had to seek shelter when the gunfire erupted.

“This is a day that many eagerly anticipate, a memory they’ll cherish. What they shouldn’t have to recall is the specter of gun violence,” Lucas remarked.

The Kansas City Chiefs, in response to the shooting, condemned it as senseless, stating, “We are deeply saddened by the senseless act of violence that unfolded outside of Union Station following today’s parade and rally.”

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes took to social media to express solidarity, writing, “Praying for Kansas City.”

Vice President Kamala Harris also voiced her dismay over the tragic incident, drawing parallels to the 2018 mass shooting on Valentine’s Day in Parkland, Florida. In a tweet, she stated, “I stand with all those across America who echo the sentiment we expressed six years ago: Enough is enough. This senseless violence must cease.”

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