Mizoram Police’s Vigilant Action Against Drug Smuggling: 55 Myanmar Nationals Apprehended


Mizoram witnessed a notable crackdown on drug smuggling, resulting in the arrest of 55 individuals from Myanmar. The law enforcement agencies recorded a total of 273 cases related to the illegal trade of drugs during this period.

Providing insights into the operation, a police representative stated, “Approximately 385 people were taken into custody in connection with drug smuggling, and notably, 55 of them were traced back to Myanmar.” This signifies a joint effort to tackle the cross-border aspect of the illicit drug trade.

Further, the Mizoram Police exhibited significant success in confiscating smuggled drugs, estimating their value to be Rs 49 crore in the year 2023. The seized contraband included substantial quantities of heroin (68.5 kg), methamphetamine tablets (154 kg), and ganja (112.9 kg).

The arrests and substantial drug seizures underscore the commitment of Mizoram authorities to combat the menace of illegal drugs. These efforts not only aim to enforce the law but also contribute to creating a safer environment for the residents of Mizoram, curtailing the adverse impacts of drug-related activities on the community.

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