Monk Business? Life Coach Jay Shetty Accused of Fabricating Inspirational Past

British Indian author Jay Shetty accused of fabricating about past life

Life Coach Jay Shetty Faces Controversy Over Fabricated Life Story

Popular motivational speaker Jay Shetty is under fire after accusations surfaced questioning the truthfulness of his backstory. The British-Indian author, known for his book “Think Like A Monk” and podcast “On Purpose,” has built a large following on the foundation of his inspirational persona. However, a recent Guardian report casts doubt on the authenticity of Shetty’s claims.

The report alleges that Shetty misrepresented his experiences, including spending time living with monks in India during his youth. Additionally, the veracity of his supposed three-year stint as a monk is disputed. These revelations challenge the core of Shetty’s brand, which revolves around a transformation from materialism to monastic life and ultimately, sharing wisdom as a motivational speaker. This rags-to-riches narrative has been instrumental in his rise to fame.

Despite the controversy, Shetty maintains a significant social media presence and continues to operate his various ventures. This includes the Jay Shetty Certification School, offering life coaching programs, and the “Genius Community,” a global wellness fellowship. Notably, Shetty also holds a leadership position at the meditation app Calm.

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While the accusations against Shetty have yet to be definitively proven or disproven, they raise questions about trust and authenticity in the self-help industry. Shetty’s influence remains substantial, but his future success may hinge on how he addresses these serious allegations.

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