Nagaland’s Rising People’s Party (RPP) Aims for Transformation Ahead of Lok Sabha Elections

Nagaland: With an eye on the lone Lok Sabha seat in the upcoming parliamentary polls, Nagaland’s Rising People’s Party (RPP) has declared its mission to overhaul what it describes as a “failed” and corrupt state. The RPP expressed concern over Nagaland being labeled a “failed state” and the “corruption capital of India,” emphasizing the urgent need for change.

In a statement, the party highlighted the enduring cry for dedicated and passionate leaders to lead Nagaland into an era of peace and development. The RPP sees itself as a vehicle for this change, echoing the aspirations of the Naga people since its inception. Despite facing challenges in the previous state election, the party remains fueled by the Naga people’s burning desire for genuine transformation.

The RPP outlined its plans to actively engage in the upcoming Lok Sabha Election, slated for April 2024. Encouraging the Naga people to rise above party politics, the party emphasized the pivotal role of the right leader in representing their interests in the Lok Sabha. The RPP sees this election as a crucial battle of ideologies and urges Nagas to align themselves with the right side of history.

Asserting their commitment to the Naga people’s dreams, the RPP pledged to work selflessly for the creation of a new and improved Nagaland. As the state stands at a crossroads, the party believes that the 2024 Lok Sabha elections offer a strategic opportunity for Nagas to shape a better future and break free from the tag of a “failed state.”

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