NCB Arrests Former DMK Official Jaffer Sadiq for Alleged International Drug Trafficking Network

"NCB Arrests Former DMK Official Jaffer Sadiq for Alleged International Drug Trafficking Network"

Tamil Film Producer and Former DMK Functionary Jaffer Sadiq Arrested in Connection with International Drug Trafficking Network

Following his capture on Saturday, March 7, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) disclosed that Jaffer Sadiq, a Tamil film producer and former DMK official, had allegedly amassed considerable wealth through drug trafficking, utilizing various sectors including films, construction, and hospitality to camouflage his illicit endeavors. NCB officials asserted that Jaffer’s criminal network spanned across India and extended into countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

Film producer Jaffer Sadiq, seen with Udayanidhi Stalin( Image Credit: my_Kollywood/X)

Deputy Director General of NCB, Gyaneshwar Singh, stated, “The NCB today apprehended Jaffer Sadiq, the alleged mastermind behind an international drug trafficking network. His drug syndicate operated from locations including New Delhi, Tamil Nadu, and other parts of India, reaching as far as New Zealand, Australia, and Malaysia. The accused purportedly garnered substantial proceeds from drug trafficking, funneling them into diverse industries such as film, construction, and hospitality, using them as fronts for his illegal activities.”

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Jaffer, known for producing several Tamil films, was arrested by NCB on Saturday, March 9, following weeks of evasion. He was apprehended in Jaipur for his purported involvement with an international drug cartel. Allegedly, Jaffer orchestrated the transportation of pseudoephedrine from India to Australia and New Zealand. NCB highlighted that pseudoephedrine serves as a crucial ingredient in the production of methamphetamine, a highly sought-after drug worldwide.

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This arrest follows Jaffer’s evasion since February 15, 2024, when NCB seized 50.070 kg of pseudoephedrine from a warehouse belonging to Aventa Company and detained three of Jaffer’s associates. Subsequently, the DMK expelled Jaffer from the party indefinitely, citing his actions as dishonorable upon learning of his involvement in drug trafficking. The party issued directives for its members to sever all connections with him.

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