“Noida Police Uncover Shocking Crime: Missing College Student Found Dead After Party Altercation”

The search for a missing college student in Noida has led authorities to a harrowing discovery, as four youngsters are accused of murdering a friend after a party altercation and burying his body in a field.

Yash Mittal, a student at a Noida-based university and the son of a businessman, had been reported missing from his hostel since Monday. His father, Deepak Mittal, alerted the police after receiving ransom demands of ₹6 crore for his son’s release.

CCTV footage from the university campus showed Yash leaving on Monday while engaged in a phone call. Police traced his call records to his friend Rachit. Upon questioning Rachit, police uncovered that Yash often spent time with him and three others – Shivam, Sushant, and Shubham.

According to senior police officer Saad Miya Khan, on February 26, the group invited Yash to a field in Gajraula, Amroha (about 100 km away) for a gathering. A confrontation erupted during the event, resulting in Yash’s tragic death. The assailants then buried his body in the field, later discovered with Rachit’s assistance.

Police apprehended the other accused in Dadri, where they attempted to flee but were apprehended after an encounter. “We have arrested three accused after a thorough search of the area. One suspect, Shubham, remains at large. However, we are confident of his imminent arrest,” the officer stated.

The accused allegedly confessed that the ransom messages were a ruse to mislead Yash’s family. Multiple police teams were deployed to investigate the case, leading to the arrests.

Heart-wrenching scenes unfolded as visuals captured the grief-stricken parents of the young victim after his body was recovered. Yash, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in business administration at the Noida university, met a tragic fate, leaving a community in shock and mourning.

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