Police Intercept Illegal Cattle Trafficking Operation in Jorabat

In a successful operation, Jorabat police intercepted a car with registration number AS 02AL 5089, suspecting its involvement in illegal activities related to a cattle-loaded truck. The driver and associates were found escorting a truck with registration number AS 02 CC 8143, raising suspicions of potential illegal cattle trafficking.

Upon interrogation, the driver and helper admitted to escorting the cattle-loaded truck from Nagaon. The police subsequently located the abandoned truck on Jorabat Link Road, discovering a shocking find – 20 live cattle. The lack of valid permit documents for transporting the cattle fueled suspicions of illegal activities.

Jorabat Police successfully intercepted a vehicle escorting illegally loaded cattle, apprehending suspects and rescuing 20 cattle in the process.

In response, the police seized both vehicles – the one loaded with live cattle (Reg. No. AS 02 CC 8143) and the escorting vehicle (Reg. No. AS 02AL 5089). The driver and associates of the escorting vehicle, identified as Noor Mohammad, Riaz Uddin, Faridul Islam, and Noor Hussain, were apprehended for further investigation.

The operation highlights the urgency of cracking down on illegal cattle trafficking to ensure animal welfare and maintain law and order. The police are now focused on uncovering the entire network involved in this illicit operation. This successful interception reflects the commitment of law enforcement in curbing activities detrimental to both the welfare of animals and the overall security of the region.

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