Pregnant wife, daughter of Kerala man killed in Israel mourn loss.

Pat Nibin Maxwell, a 31-year-old Indian man, was fatally struck by a missile near the Israel-Lebanon border, just two months after leaving his home in Kerala’s Kollam. His daughter and pregnant wife, who bid him farewell, now mourn his unexpected demise. The strike injured two others from Kerala, Paul Melvin, and Bush Joseph George, who are currently receiving treatment at an Israeli hospital.

The Israel embassy in India has condemned the “cowardly terror attack” by Hezbollah, a Shia organization, on agriculture workers near an orchard. Naor Gilon, Israel’s ambassador to India, has assured assistance to Maxwell’s family after speaking to his brother.

Maxwell had followed his elder brother to Israel after working in Muscat and Dubai. His father, Pathrose Maxwell, received the tragic news from his daughter-in-law. Nibin’s body is expected to be repatriated to Kerala after necessary paperwork and formalities.

With this being the first Indian casualty in the Israel-Hamas war, New Delhi issued an advisory for Indians in Israel, urging relocation to safe areas due to the prevailing security situation. The Indian embassy in Israel is in contact with Israeli authorities to ensure the safety of Indian nationals.

The Shia faction of Hezbollah has been involved in rocket strikes and drone attacks in northern Israel in support of Hamas during the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict that has persisted for nearly five months, resulting in a humanitarian crisis. New Delhi expresses deep concern over the situation.

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