Prime Minister Modi Commends Om Birla’s Impartial Leadership on Concluding Day of 17th Lok Sabha

In a heartfelt address, PM Narendra Modi acknowledges Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla’s fair and impartial stewardship during the tenure of the 17th Lok Sabha, highlighting his commitment to democratic values and decorum within the House.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday lauded Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on the last sitting of the 17th Lok Sabha, saying that he impartially led the House.

“You (Speaker Om Birla) always had a smile on your face no matter what happens. You impartially led this House and I laud you for it,” Modi said.

The prime minister said that even during times of anger and accusations, Birla handled the situation patiently. “There were times of anger and accusations but you handled these situations with patience and ran the House wisely,” the prime minister said.

He further pointed out that the productivity of the 17th Lok Sabha was nearly 97 per cent.

“The productivity of the 17th Lok Sabha was nearly 97 per cent. We are moving towards the end of the 17th Lok Sabha, and we resolve that the productivity should go beyond 100 per cent in the 18th Lok Sabha,” he said.

In his address, the prime minister said that during this Lok Sabha’s term, several decisions for which many generations waited for long were taken. “Article 370 was also abolished during this Lok Sabha’s term… I feel those who drafted the Constitution would bless us for this,” he said.

Modi also pointed out that the resolution passed in Lok Sabha on the Ayodhya Ram temple will give the future generation a chance to be proud of the country’s values.

“Lok Sabha elections are not far away, and some people might be worried about them. They (elections) are an important aspect of democracy and we should accept it,” he said.

Modi also said that the new Parliament building started its journey with the women’s reservation bill. “The coming 25 years are very crucial for the country. On one hand, there are political aspirations, on the other there are dreams for the country,” PM Modi said adding that India will be ‘Vikshit Bharat’ (Developed India) in the next 25 years.

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