PS Golay Aims to Defeat ‘Kaurav Sena’ and Build ‘Sunaulo Sikkim’ in Upcoming Elections


Gangtok: Chief Minister PS Golay, also the SKM president, declared an ambitious strategy during the 12th SKM foundation day celebration at Rangpo ground. Golay directed party members, referred to as Karntikaris, to immerse themselves in the upcoming Assembly election ‘Kurukshetra’ for the next 75 days. He emphasized the goal of achieving a sweeping victory for SKM at booth levels, particularly against the opposition’s ‘Kaurav Sena.’

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Golay articulated his vision for the election, stating, “There is absolute no doubt on SKM winning all the 32 Assembly seats and in the Lok Sabha seat. But we don’t want to just defeat them, we want to make the ‘Kaurav Sena’ of Sikkim exploiters lose in every booth. In this year’s Kurukshetra, we must come together to defeat the anti-Sikkim forces. This is the fight for ‘Sunaulo Sikkim’, a prosperous Sikkim.”

The Chief Minister stressed the importance of the 2024 election in determining Sikkim’s fate, urging the electorate to choose between ‘Sunaulo Sikkim’ and ‘Parivarbad Sikkim.’ He appealed for faith in the SKM party symbol, the ‘table lamp,’ and highlighted the readiness of the present government to lead Sikkim towards prosperity.

Golay acknowledged the challenges faced by the SKM government during its first term, including the Covid pandemic and Teesta flash flood. He countered allegations from opposition parties, referring to them as suffering from “Golay phobia.” Golay dismissed disinformation campaigns and assured the people of Sikkim that he would not be swayed by the opposition’s tactics, likening himself to Arjuna of Mahabharata and the people of Sikkim as Lord Krishna.

The Chief Minister emphasized the role of misinformation in attempts to create fear and confusion, particularly regarding the status of Sikkim. He clarified that Sikkim’s unique constitutional provisions, such as Article 371F, safeguard its distinct identity and prevent it from becoming a district.

The upcoming elections hold significant importance for the future of Sikkim, and Golay’s call for unity and commitment reflects the SKM’s determination to secure a prosperous and vibrant future for the state.

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