Ranveer Singh collaborates with Johnny Sins in a quirky advertisement promoting men’s sexual wellness, earning praise from viewers for the unexpected crossover.

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh and internet personality Johnny Sins team up as brothers in a new advertisement. The commercial, which emulates the dramatic style of an Indian soap opera, is designed to promote a men’s health product.

Forget Super Bowl commercials; Ranveer Singh stars in a fresh ad for a men’s health brand, where he promotes sexual wellness in a quintessentially desi and humorous manner. Joining him in this venture is none other than renowned adult film actor Johnny Sins. The ad mimics the format of a typical Indian soap opera, featuring a family dispute in traditional attire, with Johnny sporting a blue kurta and golden jacket, and Ranveer donning a maroon kurta and long hair.

The commercial kicks off with Ranveer questioning Johnny’s wife about her decision to leave their home, sparking dramatic confrontations among family members. Eventually, the plot unfolds with the introduction of a capsule that enhances men’s sexual health, leading to Johnny’s wife reconsidering her departure.

Viewers were taken aback by the unexpected crossover between Ranveer and Johnny, expressing their astonishment and amusement online. Many praised Ranveer for his unconventional approach to promoting men’s sexual health, applauding the ad’s humour and accessibility to a wider audience. Stand-up comedian Tanmay Bhatt even chimed in on Ranveer’s Instagram post, expressing his delight at seeing both Ranveer and Johnny in the ad.

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