Renowned Drummer Ron Whitaker Appointed Chief Musical Diplomat for Naga-American Council

The Naga-American Council has appointed iconic rock drummer Ron Whitaker as its Chief Musical Diplomat. The announcement was made by the honorary president of Nagalim, Grace Collins. Ron Whitaker, based in Los Angeles, boasts a career spanning over 40 years, receiving over 20 music awards and being inducted into the California Music Hall of Fame in 2023.

Known for playing with legendary bands such as Guns N Roses, Paul McCartney and Wings, Albert Lee, Rod Stewart, The Runaways with Cherrie Currie, and The Knack, Whitaker is also recognized for his philanthropic endeavors. He created a free dental clinic in Los Angeles for veterans and the impoverished.

In his role as Chief Musical Diplomat for the Naga-American Council, Whitaker will leverage his extensive network of musicians to organize benefit concerts supporting the cause of Nagalim’s political struggle against India. Collins, inspired by the US Department of State Global Music Diplomacy Initiative, created this position to stimulate awareness of the 75-year-old conflict and encourage peaceful co-existence agreements.

Describing this as a new form of ‘Multi-Track Diplomacy,’ Collins believes that Whitaker, with his celebrity stature, will effectively catalyze peace, education, funding, and cultural exchange for the Naga community’s cause. Whitaker’s commitment to philanthropy aligns with the goals of the Naga-American Council, making him an ideal ambassador for their mission.

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