Responding to Pope, NATO Chief Says Ukraine Needs Weapons, Not White Flags

CHENNAI, India – In a veiled response to Pope Francis’ recent plea for peace, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg reiterated his stance that Ukraine requires military aid to defend itself against Russian aggression.

Stoltenberg made the comments during a press conference on Tuesday, stating that while he shared the Pope’s hope for a peaceful resolution to the conflict, “providing Ukraine with the weapons it needs to defend itself is the way to achieve peace.”

The Pope had earlier urged for a ceasefire in Ukraine, calling for a “holy truce” during a mass held on Monday.

Stoltenberg emphasized that NATO’s support for Ukraine was “defensive” and aimed at helping the country resist Russian attacks. He argued that a strong Ukrainian military would ultimately deter further aggression and pave the way for diplomatic solutions.

The comments come amidst a backdrop of ongoing heavy fighting in Ukraine, with both sides suffering significant casualties. Western nations have been supplying Ukraine with weapons and other military assistance, while imposing harsh sanctions on Russia.

The war in Ukraine has sparked a global humanitarian crisis, displacing millions of people and raising concerns about a wider conflict.

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