Rhino Attack Injures Forest Officials in Kaziranga, Assam


Guwahati: Two forest officials, Tanuj Bora and Jayanta Hazarika, sustained injuries in a rhino attack at the Borakota Forest Camp within Kaziranga National Park & Tiger Reserve (KNPTR). The incident occurred on Sunday when a rhino charged at the officials near the camp.

This unfortunate event, which transpired on a Sunday, sheds light on the inherent risks faced by individuals committed to safeguarding wildlife in their natural habitat. As a result of the rhino attack, both Tanuj Bora and Jayanta Hazarika are currently undergoing medical treatment at a hospital located in Jakhalabandha, Nagaon.

Forest officials injured after rhino attack in Kaziranga.

This incident follows a similar unsettling occurrence in Golaghat district just last month, where a man identified as Lomboram Borah sustained serious injuries while tending to his cattle in the face of a rhino attack. In response to these incidents, the forest department is actively engaged in a thorough investigation to discern the circumstances that led to these aggressive encounters.

Moreover, measures are being swiftly implemented to prevent any recurrence of such incidents, underscoring the paramount importance of heightening awareness and taking necessary precautions in effectively managing and mitigating human-wildlife conflicts in the region. The incidents serve as poignant reminders of the delicate balance that must be maintained between conservation efforts and the safety of those on the front lines protecting our natural ecosystems.

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