“Speculation Swirls After ‘Jai Shri Ram’ Post: Is Kamal Nath, along with his son Nakul Nath, Set to Join BJP Today?”

“Kamal Nath Remains Mum on BJP Joining Speculations, Neither Confirming Nor Denying Questions.”

Political circles in New Delhi were abuzz with speculation following the arrival of Congress stalwart Kamal Nath and his son Nakul Nath, a Member of Parliament, on Saturday. Reports emerged suggesting they might be contemplating a switch to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), fueled by remarks made by Kamal Nath and the activity of BJP leaders on social media.

When questioned by reporters, Kamal Nath neither confirmed nor denied the speculations about joining the BJP. “It’s not about denial; you all are getting excited. If such a thing happens, I will inform you all first,” the former Madhya Pradesh chief minister said.

The speculation gained traction further after Narendra Saluja, a state spokesperson of the BJP, shared a photograph of Kamal Nath and his son on social media with the caption “Jai Shree Ram.” In another post, Saluja shared a photograph of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and national media panellist Alok Sharma, suggesting Nath’s discomfort within the Congress.

Last month, Alok Sharma had blamed Kamal Nath for the Congress’s loss in the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections and was subsequently issued a notice by the party.

A senior BJP leader in Madhya Pradesh hinted that the father-son duo could join the BJP on Sunday. “Discussions with senior leaders, including Union Home Minister Amit Shah and National President JP Nadda, are underway. If all goes well, he will join the BJP on Sunday in the presence of senior-most BJP leaders,” the leader said.


From the Congress side, Sajjan Singh Verma, a senior party leader and Nath’s close associate, hinted at discord between Nath and the Congress. “He felt extremely hurt over some issue in Congress, which I cannot speak about. A person does politics for honour and self-respect. He has gone to Delhi to meet senior leaders,” Verma told reporters, indicating his loyalty to Nath.

Rajya Sabha MP Digvijaya Singh played down the speculation, stating, “I spoke to him last night, and he did not indicate anything. Ideologically, he is not with the BJP.”

Madhya Pradesh Congress president Jitu Patwari also refuted the rumours, asserting that “Indira Gandhi’s third son” would not leave the Congress party.

Meanwhile, amidst the speculation, Kamal Nath’s son, Nakul Nath, removed any reference to Congress from his social media bio, identifying solely as a Member of Parliament, Chhindwara (MP). Sajjan Singh Verma also made similar changes to his social media bio, aligning with Kamal Nath’s actions.

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