“SS Rajamouli was once dismissed as ‘good for nothing’, but it was the life-changing advice from his beloved ‘bhabhi’ that transformed his destiny”

It’s quite astonishing to imagine anyone labelling SS Rajamouli, the visionary director who propelled Tollywood onto the global stage, as ‘good-for-nothing’. Yet, it was his aunt who, in a candid moment, criticized him for not contributing to their struggling family. In a now-viral throwback video shared on Reddit, Rajamouli reminisced about the hardships his family endured, struggling to make ends meet. Despite their challenges, he found himself without a proper job, adding to the family’s burden.

In the video, Rajamouli shared, “We once belonged to a prosperous family. My father owned 360 acres of land in Karnataka. However, by the time I was 10 or 11 years old, we had lost everything, and we relocated to Chennai. With 13 members crammed into a single-bedroom apartment, every day was a struggle to pay the rent. My elder brother was our sole provider, and during this trying time, he got married. We affectionately referred to his wife as ‘Amma’, never merely as ‘bhabhi’.”

Continuing, he revealed, “By the age of 22, I found myself directionless. For five years, my father had been urging me to find my path, but I remained adrift. It was during one of my aunt’s scoldings when she lamented, ‘Rajamouli is good for nothing,’ that my ‘bhabhi’ intervened. She simply said, ‘I don’t want my son to be spoken ill of by anyone.’ That single statement jolted me into taking my life seriously and pursuing meaningful work.”

SS Rajamouli then embarked on a journey, serving as an assistant to several directors in Chennai and Andhra Pradesh. He also apprenticed under his father, Vijayendra Prasad, before making his directorial debut with “Student No: 1,” featuring Jr NTR in the lead role. Collaborating once again with Jr NTR in “Simhadri,” Rajamouli began to garner attention. However, it was “Magadheera,” starring Ram Charan, that catapulted him to prominence. Subsequently, “Eega” became a blockbuster hit, setting the stage for “Baahubali,” and the rest, as they say, is history.

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