Taiwan’s Hualien was hammered by five earthquakes in a terrifying nine minutes today.


Hualien experienced a series of five earthquakes in just nine minutes.

Shoufeng Township in Hualien County, Taiwan, experienced five earthquakes within a span of 9 minutes on Monday, as reported by Central News Agency Focus Taiwan.

File image of a previous earthquake in Taiwan cc:picryl

Earlier today, Taiwan’s capital was hit by a “strong” earthquake, with the Central Weather Administration identifying it as a magnitude-5.5 tremor originating in eastern Hualien.

This region was the epicenter of a magnitude-7.4 quake that occurred on April 3, triggering landslides in the mountainous area and causing severe damage to buildings in Hualien city.

The April 3 quake resulted in at least 17 fatalities, with the most recent body discovered on April 13 in a quarry.

Monday’s earthquake struck Taiwan around 5:08 pm local time (0908 GMT) and was felt in the capital, Taipei. The US Geological Survey measured it at a magnitude of 5.3, with a depth of 8.9 kilometers.

“It felt like one of the strongest quakes or aftershocks since the big one earlier this month,” an AFP staffer remarked.

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Following the quake, Hualien’s fire department dispatched teams to inspect for any disaster-related incidents, as announced on its official social media channel.

Taiwan experiences frequent earthquakes due to its location at the convergence of two tectonic plates.

The April 3 quake was followed by numerous aftershocks, leading to rockfalls in the vicinity of Hualien. Despite being the most severe quake in Taiwan since 1999, when a magnitude-7.6 quake struck, causing 2,400 fatalities, the April event resulted in a lower death toll. This has been attributed to stricter building regulations, including enhanced seismic requirements in building codes, and increased public disaster awareness.

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