US Backs India: Affirms Arunachal Pradesh as Indian Territory Amidst Chinese Claims

"Tension Escalates as US Strongly Opposes China's Assertion over Arunachal Pradesh, Backs India's Territorial Integrity"

Tension Escalates as US Strongly Opposes China’s Assertion over Arunachal Pradesh, Backs India’s Territorial Integrity

In a resolute declaration, the United States has reaffirmed its recognition of Arunachal Pradesh as Indian territory, firmly denouncing any attempts to challenge this stance. This statement comes in the wake of renewed claims by China over the region, following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit there.

Chinese Defense Ministry spokesperson Senior Colonel Zhang Xiaogang reiterated China’s assertion that the southern part of Xizang (Tibet) belongs to China, rejecting what they term as “so-called Arunachal Pradesh illegally established by India.”

The contentious issue has long been a point of contention between the two neighboring nations, with China routinely opposing visits by Indian leaders to Arunachal Pradesh and even assigning the area the name “Zangnan.”

However, India has consistently rebuffed China’s claims, emphasizing Arunachal Pradesh’s integral status within its borders. Prime Minister Modi’s dedication of the Sela Tunnel, which promises improved connectivity to the strategically vital Tawang region, further underscores India’s commitment to the area’s development and defense.

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In response to China’s recent assertions, the US State Department’s Principal Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel reiterated America’s support for India’s territorial integrity. Patel emphasized that the US strongly opposes any unilateral actions aimed at altering the status quo along the Line of Actual Control.

India’s Ministry of External Affairs has also weighed in, dismissing China’s claims as “absurd” and asserting that Arunachal Pradesh has been, is, and will always remain an integral part of India. The latest exchange underscores the ongoing geopolitical tensions in the region, with India and China maintaining their respective positions amidst heightened scrutiny from the international community.

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