Assam Rifles Organizes Educational Workshop and Distributes Foldable Microscopes in Manipur

Assam Rifles, in a recent initiative, organized an educational workshop in Chiru village, located in Manipur’s Kangchup district. As part of the event, Assam Rifles distributed Foldable Microscopes (Foldoscopes) to both students and teachers at Chiru Public School. The distribution of Foldoscopes was initiated in response to a request from the local school, addressing the lack of access to essential educational resources. Alongside the distribution, a medical team comprising Assam Rifles personnel and local healthcare professionals provided essential medicines to the residents of Chiru Village.

Assam Rifles conducted an educational workshop in Chiru village located in Manipur’s Kangchup district, aimed at fostering educational initiatives in the region.

The educational workshop included a comprehensive training camp where teachers and students received hands-on guidance on utilizing the Foldoscopes. This initiative aims to enhance educational opportunities in the region and empower students with valuable resources. The efforts of Assam Rifles align with their commitment to community welfare and development.

In a related development, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Rashtriya Raksha University (RRU) and Assam Rifles at Rashtriya Raksha University in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The MoU, signed by Bimal N Patel, Vice Chancellor of RRU, and Lt Gen PC Nair, Director General of Assam Rifles, signifies collaboration in areas that contribute to the overall development and security of the region.

Impact on Community Welfare and Educational Development

The distribution of Foldoscopes and the educational workshop organized by Assam Rifles in Chiru village demonstrate the positive impact of security forces engaging in community welfare and educational development. By addressing the specific needs of local schools and residents, such initiatives contribute to building a stronger and more empowered community in the region. The collaboration with Rashtriya Raksha University further emphasizes the commitment to comprehensive development and security in the areas served by Assam Rifles.

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